Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior: The level of advertising has significantly risen over the recent years. Unlike in the old days higher advertising expenditure was associated with increased revenues, today advertising has diminishing returns. This is because consumers have been bombarded with information. Consequently, marketers need to research on the new ways of penetrating the advertising clutter in order to effectively reach the targeted consumers. According to Berry and his colleagues, the best way of doing this is to create value to consumers by improving their experiences.

With this in mind, this paper handles two topics. First, how sensations like vision, smell, sound, and touch motivate purchases and how personality and lifestyles are used as segmenting variables.

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In conclusion, if a company can group people according to their way of living then it can effectively segment the market. In order to do this it must relate a certain brand to a particular lifestyle. Conversely, some products are categorized in a way that they reflect the personality of their consumers. Customers will choose a brand which reflect their personality. In addition, the brand should be making public the aspect of customers’ personality otherwise customer will start switching brands. Therefore, companies need design brands which suit the personality of customers in the target market.

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