Constitutional paper

Constitutional paper

Constitutional paper

Many actions and events of the 18th century made an impact in the abolition of Slavery. There were major changes to the North American slave holdings and slave trade. Movements were forming to stop slavery in the U.S. It first began in the United States when abolitionists spoke out in opposition to slavery, saying that it was not right to keep slaves in a nation founded on the base of freedom. Abolition and anti-Slavery movements helped to finish slavery in the United States. This paper discusses if the abolition of slavery and the secession were constitutional.

Having been elected in 1960, President Abraham Lincoln was a minority president having inherited a country separated by secession and at the edge of war and an opposing enemy in Confederate President Davis Jefferson. Lincoln had many challenges to conquer to make his historical mark. Lincoln had never accepted the secession legality and during his swearing in he vowed to protect the Union and support the Constitution.

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Many did not consider that the Emancipation Proclamation assured their freedom, and those who did know the Proclamation understood that it did not assure their safety if they left their masters. Those fears would lastly be laid to rest after the war’s end with the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

With these words  “Neither slavery nor intuitive service, apart from as a crime sentence where the concerned party accordingly convicted, apart from as a sentence for crime where the concerned party convicted accordingly, shall exist within the U.S, subject to their authority, “ Congress finally and totally abolished slavery. Although Lincoln’s proclamation had proposed the slavery abolition and put it in debate, he did not see it. His assassination served to improve his status as a powerful historical figure.

Holzer, H, et al. eds. (2007). Lincoln and Freedom: Slavery, Emancipation, and the Thirteenth Amendment

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