Connecting railroad in the past and today

Connecting railroad in the past and today

Connecting railroad in the past and today.

Connecting railroad in the past and today: Railroad in the United States has a long history and a connection with the current rail situation. The first transcontinental railroad in the United States built in 1860 across North America linked the entire eastern U.S network on the Pacific coast with California.

Railroad created a mechanized nationwide transportation network that revolutionized the economy and people of the American West. This also catalyzed the transition from the previously used wagon trains to a modern system of transportation.

The railroad in the U.S was undisputedly monopolize. Passenger service was expensive to the extent that ICC and market regulation would bear. This is because they had no need to put their freight services on ads.

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In conclusion, the history of railroad in the United States connects with the current situation of railroad. This can be seen in the nature of services provided and the changes that have occurred since its inception as documented in the paper.

In order to compete globally and promote quality of life, the U.S government has considered innovative transportation solutions as compared to the past. This has been done via partnerships between the public and private sectors, where each of them cooperates to improve, expand, and maintain transportation infrastructure.

Customer needs have also been meet via the transport solutions provide such as intermodal transportation. Currently, railroads have become more competitive. It has absorbed the anticipated increase in movement of freight. By the growth in population and intermodal movement growth of goods.

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