Conflict theory

Conflict theory

Conflict theory

The primary objective of the paper is to provide intensive literature on conflict theory literature. The paper digs deep into Karl Marx conflict theory, starting from its history, the theorists behind the theory, and how the theory explains crime (Barkan, 2015). The paper also discusses conflict theory typographies of crime, their application and suggested solutions to crime. Thus, a conclusive summary is provided at the end of the article.

Conflict theory was pioneered by Karl Marx. The theory claims that the community is in a perpetual state of conflict. This is because of high competition for the scarce resources. The conflict theory asserts that the social order is maintain through power and competition, instead of conformity and consensus (Raico, 2006). According to conflict theory, the people who commands power and has a lot of wealth try to hold on to the wealth through all means possible. This is through oppressing and suppressing the powerless and the poor. The theory also ascribes to the majority of the human historical fundamental developments. For example, civil rights and democracy, to the capitalistic attempts to control the population masses instead of the quest for social order.

According to Karl Marx, the property belongs to the state. Therefore, the struggle for property is made political and a struggle between the capitalists and workers, renters and the owners and other interest groups.

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In summary, conflict theory has been an effective framework to understand the society and cause of crime from the social perspective. Thus, the paper has looked at conflict theory in length, historical perspective, its relations to crime, crime typographies and its application.

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