Concussions in sports

Concussions in sports

Concussions in sports.

Concussions in sports: The term Concussion is derived from a Concutere; a Latin word meaning to shake velocity. The terms minor head trauma, mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), mild head injury (MHD), and concussion can be applied interchangeably.

Although, the word concussion is use in the sporting field as substitutable with MTBI or MHI, medical practitioners used MTBI instead. In this paper, concussion and MTBI are applied interchangeably.

Often defined as head damage with a temporary loss of memory, concussion results to various emotional, cognitive, and physical symptoms, which may not be identifiable if subtle (McCurdie, 2005). Treatment involves intensive care as well as cognitive and physical rest.

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Ice hockey has also a high number of athletes suffering from concussions. Due to this reason, the NHL made helmets compulsory in the 1979-80 season. The NHL could push for reforms in order to make the game safer could reduce concussion in Ice hockey.

Concussions in hockey have become a regular injury in the present day, and are causing severe long-term implications to the players (Kamberg, 2011). Even with the concern in concussions rising, more players are still suffering concussions.

Something needs to be done to cut down the number of concussions in a year. Sporting bodies and athlete associations should join hands in an effort to curb concussions. More rules and regulations need to be formulate especially in the full- contact games such as rugby, hockey, and boxing.


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