Concentration on Siddhartha and Masks of Eternity

Concentration on Siddhartha and Masks of Eternity

Concentration on Siddhartha and Masks of Eternity

Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha is a 1922 novel dedicated to his wife Ninon that illustrates the life and times of Siddhartha, a man on a quest of total enlightenment. Although Siddhartha has an idyllic life both he and his friend Govinda are dissatisfied and feel that a void in their lives remains to be filled. Their quests for illumination lead them far and wide eventually forsaking their custom and religion.

Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth in its eighth chapter titled Masks of Eternity hovers around the various discussions held by both Campbell and Moyes some of which consisted of digressions while some were the re-visitations of topics and issues from the preceding chapters.

Part of their discussion involved the evolution of exemplary phases of human life and the perception that a man is an image of god. The fundamental message of the book, the generality of myths and folklores of a diverse ethos in different eons are also reaffirmed.

In the discussion, Campbell makes a recollection of his personal experiences having been a teacher in comparative mythos as he defines the fortification of the beliefs of his students as he duly exposed them to religious symbols and images apart from their own.

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We should all perhaps follow in Siddhartha’s footsteps in determining exactly how significant it is to give thought to the Indian creed and philosophy, so that in mind we might also adopt the doctrines of mythology as put across by Campbell as a provision of ethnic framework for society.

Ultimately, people will have ways of handling their transition through various stages in life from its inception all through till death.

Hesse H. (1922). Siddhartha. New York: Bantam Books.

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