Computer networks

Computer networks

Computer networks

Procedures and policies go hand-in-hand to make clear what the organization wants to do and in what way. Policies are simple and a clear statement of an organization intends to carry out its business, services, and actions or business. Policies provide a set of guide ethics to help in decision making. Procedures explain how each policy will be implemented in the organization. Each procedure outlines who will do what, the steps they need to take and the documentation to use.

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A wiring diagram differs from a network diagram since a computer network diagram is a representation illustrating the nodes and connections between the nodes in a computer network or any telecommunications network. Icons are used to show common network appliances such as the router and lines between them to show the type of connection. Clouds are used to signify external networks the purposes of showing connections between external and internal devices, without demonstrating the specifics of the external network.

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