Computer Law

Computer Law

Computer Law.

Computer Law: The word internet has been used all over the world. It is no longer vocabulary to even little children and the people in the third world countries. The internet has been a platform to most business activities, opened doors to distance learning as well as massive research in various fields of educational research.

It has also given more opportunities to science technology and opportunities to computer crimes.  Every good idea comes with its own disadvantages which  is also evident in the internet.

As internet helps more business men and women bloom in their businesses as well as develop more ideas to be more productive on their businesses. Internet offenders are also included. They take advantage of this and grant them an opportunity to commit internet

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Examples of passive computer attacks include eavesdropping where the intruder got access to confidential information. Password based attacks which in most cases exist in cyber where someone else has access to your password.

Denial of service is also another attack where the attackers destruct the connections in a few days. Compromised key attack, identity spoofing and application layer attack, is also another example of passive computer attack.

In conclusion, security issues are an illusion as any computer system can be attacke any time by a potential hacker under the perfect circumstances. It is therefore, for every computer holder to be contented with his or hers.


East tom, C., & Taylor, J. (2011). Computer crime, investigation, and the law. Boston, Mass: Course Technology PTR/Engage Learning.

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