Computer Crime

Computer Crime

Computer Crime

Computer crime comprises of criminal acts that deal with networks and computers.  It comprises of traditional crime that are conducted through the internet including identity theft, hate crime, and credit card theft with the assistance of computer and the internet. There are several theories of crime that can be applied to explain their motive and the persuading factor to indulge in crime.

First, choice theory asserts that people choose to engage in computer with the intentions of exploring opportunities that might before them, evaluate the benefit versus the punishments and decide to proceed with a particular cyber crime motive.

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The aim of individual under conflict theory is to protect or as a protest for change of government policies (Taylor, Fritsch & Liederbach, 2014).

Thirdly, labeling theory can be applied in illustrating motive and persuading factors in computer crimes. People conducting cyber crimes are referred to as hackers that are associated with the intellectual knowledge to conduct theft identify and fraud. People involved continues to engage in criminal activities other the internet because they have been labelled as criminals in the society. Stigma in the society has a negative impact on the perception among people to engage in computer crime.

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