Component Interface for an Emergency Control Room

Component Interface for an Emergency Control Room

Component Interface for an Emergency Control Room.

Component Interface for an Emergency Control Room: The advancement in technology has improved the businesses operations making it more efficient. It improves communication thus facilitating business operation across the border.

Collaborations help enterprises in becoming more creative enabling individuals to connect with ease. There are several ways in which the technology has altered the manner in which businesses operate in the universal marketplace thus expanding businesses.

Having established the importance of advancing in technology, most of the medium sized hospitals have started to embrace the technology. Being the head of software engineering team, I have the responsibility to improve the tracking of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) on calls made within the hospital system.

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services in order to respond to emergencies with ease. VOIP enables people to utilize the internet as a broadcasting medium for telephone calls by transferring voice data in packets using Internet Protocol instead of traditional circuit transmission, making communication effective.

The GPS receiver contrast the difference in time between transmission of the signal by satellite and the period the signal is received to determine the distance. Since VOIP and GPS were not initially designed for hospital use, the software must be modified to suit the purpose.

The modification is done by incorporating LAN, powerful IP network, and GPS-based mobile service locator system. As the head of software engineering team, I will ensure that these components are installed to ease communication within the hospital.


Goode, B. (2002). Voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Proceedings of the IEEE, 90(9), 1495-1517.

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