Competence to Stand Trial: Case Study

Competence to Stand Trial: Case Study

Competence to Stand Trial: Case Study

With regard to the scenario presented in week 5 case study, the defendant is competent to face trial. Admittedly, the defendant has a long history of paranoid schizophrenia, which is enough to question his competency to face trial for bank robbery (Dunn, Palmer, Appelbaum, et al., 2007). However, from the psychiatric analysis, on the basis of the Dusky standard (1960), the defendant’s mental illness does not affect his understanding of the nature and objectives of his impending court proceedings.

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Although the analysis finds the defendant competent to stand trial, he was not sane at the time he committed the offense. Police reports describe a delusional man claiming to be the king of some country in an incoherent manner. In addition, although the cashier took out some money and placed it right in front of him, the defendant did not take it. However, after the week-long therapy, as Noffsinger (2001) observes, the defendant may have been restored to a competent level.

Bonnie, R.J. (1992). The Competence of Criminal Defendants: A Theoretical Reformulation.
Behav Sci Law, 10:291–316.
Dunn, L.B., Palmer, B.W., Appelbaum, P.S. et al. (2007). Prevalence and Correlates of Adequate

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