Comparison of Grendel

Comparison of Grendel

Comparison of Grendel

Grendel is a heartbreaking and beautiful modern story of the Beowulf epic from the perspective of the monster, Grendel, the scoundrel of the Anglo-Saxon’s eighth century epic. This novel gains from both of John’s occupations: beside his Gardener’s occupation as a novelist, he was a renowned professor of academic of primeval languages and a medieval literature.

Grendel is a thoughtful look at one of the most terrible creatures in the literature of Anglo-Saxon. Through his incredible fiction writing, Gardner decides to show the learner a different perspective of the monster from the mythological fiction of Beowulf.

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In Seamus novel that we see that Beowulf achieves men’s objective and kills Grendel. From this therefore we realize that the character of Grendels enlightens us that our reason in life is to search for our purpose live it.  In life, we all have a purpose our duty is to find it and dealing with it.

Beowulf narrative is told in the third person perspective. Here, we notice that the author focuses on the conflict itself and the actions of the characters. This is not very interesting to some readers. On the other hand, Gardner’s version is written from the perspective of Grendel. Here the writer gets inside the head of Grendel and this is quite appealing to read.

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