Comparison of Fighters: Princess Mononoke and Avatar

Comparison of Fighters Princess Mononoke and Avatar

Comparison of Fighters: Princess Mononoke and Avatar

The American film Avatar and Japanese film Princess Mononoke offer insight into the environmental ethics and problems that face the society. In both Avatar and Princess, the lead characters embark on a journey to help their society solve an environmental problem that affects their lives and survival.

.  However, there is a difference in the radical views and solution to environmental problems. Avatar forces the viewer and the audience to choose between two extremes. Jake Sully has to choose one side since there is no compromise. On one hand, there is a deep ecology and the other hand there is environmentally destructive utilitarianism. The film Princess Mononoke provides a balanced and less idealized solution where compromise is recognized as the best association between man and non-human nature. In Avatar, Jake Sully and the natives have to annihilate their opponent while in the film Princess Mononoke, Prince Ashitaka makes a compromise where the both parties co-exist and learn from their mistakes.In Princess Mononoke, a girl is brought up by the wolf-goddess and a pack of wolves.

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In the American film Avatar, Jake Sully, a former Marine, travels to planet-moon Pandora. He is on a diplomatic mission to convince the native Na’vi to allow the company he works for to mine a precious metal. The precious metal, however, lies under Pandora’s lush forests that sustain the entire ecology.

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