Comparison Matrix Paper

Comparison Matrix Paper

Comparison Matrix Paper

The first article titled: Causal trait theories: A New Form of Person Knowledge That Explained Egocentric Pattern Projection authored by Clayton R. Critcher, Sarah C. Rom, & David Dunning. The second article titled: The Effect of Conflict Theory Based Decision making skill training Psycho-Educational Group experience on Decision Making styles of Adolescents written by Oguzhan Colakkadioglu & S. Sonay Gucaray.

The first article purposes to provide insight on how self-perception of an individual give a guidance to the social perception, and also egocentric pattern projection. The second article aims at finding out the effect that the conflict based theory of decision-making skills in training groups among adolescents. In addition, the authors of the first article argue that the research is essential to ensuring that one may avoid biased judgment or opinions about others. The second article explains that it is key to train adolescents on decision making. This is so as to be ready for their daily lives. The research questions in the first article focus on the theory whereas the second article it focuses on the problem facing people directly.

The researcher of the first article conducted four studies and then related the results. The sample size for study 1.a was two hundred and eight undergraduate students of Cornell University. Study 1.b had a sample of forty-one undergraduate students at Cornell University. For Study 1.c, there were 73 undergraduate students from the University of California. For study 2, there were 213 undergraduate students from the University of California.

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Therefore, it is key that future studies consider students of different categories. This is also includes classes at primary school level, secondary schools and the higher education students.

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