Compare two newspapers

Compare two newspapers

Compare two newspapers.

Compare two newspapers: Understanding the audience preferences and tastes in terms of news delivery is an important asset in the mass media industry. Many audience react to newspaper content approach in order to determine whether the news in the newspaper is what they were expecting.

Few people disagree on the quality of mass media, which has been seen to fluctuate between different news companies in the U.S, but in real sense, what that matters in a newspaper, is the overall quality of the newspaper in terms of story selection, graphics, the styles of writing and printing and the objective of the news to different audiences.

In this section, a comparison will be made between the best newspapers in the U.S, which is “The Wall Street Journal newspaper,” ranked best in the country and “The Daily News newspaper,” that is ranked fifth.

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The Wall Street Journal is able to do that by capturing both the front page stories. And putting emphasis on both national and international news as well.

Quality journalism is important in everyday life, both for the company and the audience. The bottom line benefits are immediate. But the cost in diminished reader loyalty and reduced group replacement are slower to materialize.

The mass media industry needs to find the resources that can assist the newspaper managers to position their products and services more precisely along the profit service axis and at the same deliver news that satisfy customers or audience.

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