Compare two countries

Compare two countries

Compare two countries

Saudi Arabia, located in Western Asia, is the biggest Arab country, approximately 2.15million km2. Its capital city is Riyadh, and national language is Arabic. The country is also referred to as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (About Saudi Arabia, 2011). It has a GDP per capita of 31,300 dollars, while the purchasing power parity is 927.8 billion dollars by 2013 (CIA World Fact book, 2014).

The total population of Saudi Arabia is 27,345,986 million people with 30% of the population being migrants and a population growth rate of 1.49% (UN data, 2013). Saudi Arabia has a mixed economy with oil production as their main source of income, making it the world’s highest oil producer and exporter.

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The legal system is defensive of Brazilian companies making it difficult to set-up new businesses. It’s ranked one hundred and twenty-seventh countries at ease to do business out of the one hundred and eighty-three countries. (World Bank, 2013) It takes on average 119 working days to start a business in Brazil.

“About Saudi Arabia: Facts and figures”. (6 June 2011). The royal embassy of Saudi Arabia, Washington, D.C. USA.
“Doing Business report series-World Bank Group”. (2013-05-20). Doing

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