Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast; Therapeutic programs are very crucial in the modern world. There is greater emphasis on the need to take care of people who are disabled, the old people and children.

I would say that the age where vulnerable individuals were discriminated due to their physical disabilities, illnesses or other factors.

This program serves a large number of patients and it focuses on very many areas. For example, the program engages itself in cancer rehabilitation. It is one of the organizations that have been well known for providing a comprehensive cancer rehabilitation program.

The organization also engages in inpatient rehabilitation programs. The organization also has a program of rehabilitating individuals who have brain injuries, and those with neurological problems (St Jude Centers for Rehabilitation).

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The organization also engages in general rehabilitation programs which also aims at restoring the quality of life in an individual.

The organization has also laid special focus on providing rehabilitation programs for patients who suffer from stroke (St Jude Centers for Rehabilitation).

Patients who suffer from stroke suffer a lot, and as a result, this organization has committed itself to providing necessary care for patients who suffer from this condition.

Sports rehabilitation is another area that the organization specializes in. It offers sports rehabilitation to individuals who need the service (St Jude Centers for Rehabilitation).

Other areas that the organization includes the spinal injury rehabilitation. In this case, the organization focuses on providing extensive care to individuals with spinal injuries.

I would like to work with the Shiner’s hospital. The reason why I would work with them is because they always engage in research and I’m a great researcher.

Shriner’s offer their services to all children without considering their ability to pay. I’m a sympathetic person and I would like to work with them to see their goals achieved.

(n.d.). Retrieved April 22, 2014, from St Jude Centers for Rehabilitation.

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