Compare and contrast The Art of Courtly Love and The Dove’s Necklace

Compare and contrast The Art of Courtly Love and The Dove s Necklace

Compare and contrast The Art of Courtly Love and The Dove’s Necklace

The Dove’s necklace is a representation of the expectations of relationships in the Muslim world. Individuals are expected to fall in love after they have made several conversations with each other and known each other’s true character. There is no praise that is given to the development of what might be mistaken for lust based feelings. Individuals that took time to develop a relationship in the basis of mutual interest and feelings of love would earn respect. In Muslim law, individuals remain chaste until marriage as per expectation.

A woman who would have desires that would be fulfill outside her marriage confines would be term as being a sinner. In line with Muslim law, individuals who are unfaithful in their marriages are punishable through death. A Muslim woman could be stone by mobs which would highly likely result in her death for sexual unfaithfulness.

This is in contrast to courtly love which was mostly based on sexual feelings. Individuals’ would develop feelings of sexual desire which the noble Ladies of court would have fulfilled by men they would fall for and choose.

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The dove relationship still received idolization and viewed as the ultimate goal that individuals in relationships should aim to develop. This is in contrast to a courtly love that would most probably end in sexual based passion and fulfillment. The courtly love would not develop into a long term relationship since it was an expression of infidelity. The courtly love and the dove represent the difference in cultures on love.

The Bedford Anthology of World Literature (Pack A: Volumes 1, 2, and 3)

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