Compare and Contrast plays

Compare and Contrast plays

Compare and Contrast plays

The following plays have both differences and similarities, “The mistress of the inn”, “School of Scandal,” and “Tartuffe.” For instance, all the plays have the theme of fraud where a character pretends to be holy or innocent, whereas he or she is evil and pretentious. In the play”Mistress of the Inn,” ‘Mirandolina’, the main character, is entangled in fraud love circles.

She cons all the four men and lies to them hurting their feelings. It is seen that ‘Mirandolina’ is a cunning woman who lies to everyone, first her dying father and ‘fabricius’. Later on she cheats ‘Marquis’ and ‘Count d’albafiorita’, she  enjoys playing around with men’s feeling and laughs at their stupidity for mistakenly loving her.

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The plays are all famous and have been used in benchmarking performance theatre and plays because of their classical and creative nature that is by itself a style of plays. Coincidentally all the scandals in all the plays involve a woman or women.

If that was not a coincidental mistake, then, it was a strategic style in bringing up the theme and ensuring that the effectiveness of the plot outline reveals itself in a good and comprehensible manner. The plays typically use women in the different scandals like the one’s instigating them or facilitating then in some way.

Jeffries, C., & Goldoni, C. (2000). Mistress of the inn. Quincy, MA: Baker’s Plays.

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