Compare and contrast Microsoft vs apple

Compare and contrast Microsoft vs apple

Compare and contrast Microsoft vs apple

Compare and contrast Microsoft vs apple; The greatest debate today in the technology industry seems to over which computer software is superior. For years, Apple and Microsoft companies have been competing in this area, both earning millions from their operations and the ongoing superiority contest.

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, both companies have adopted unique strategies that allows them to retain huge market shares in the technology industry. However, a key difference in their business strategies is seen in terms of secrecy and protection of trade secrets, which is a critical issue in an era where social networking platforms have pervaded the society and changed how business is conducted.


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with their consumers, their marketing and advertising strategies and product distribution channels.

Finally, another difference in business strategies at Apple and Microsoft is that the former favors a closed door approach while the latter favors an open door approach. Since its collaboration with IBM, Microsoft develops open architecture meaning that peripheral components and other compatible software can be developed and sold by other companies without obtaining licenses.

Microsoft also collaborates with other computer hardware manufactures and software programmers. Allowing it to earn profits in the form of operating system license fees applied to end users. Apple, on the other hand, develops closed architecture. Meaning that only Apple proprietary software can be use with its proprietary hardware. There is no interoperability or openness in Apple’s products (Bellis)

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