Compare and contrast between Flight Attendant and Waitress

Compare and contrast between Flight Attendant and Waitress

Compare and contrast between Flight Attendant and Waitress.

Compare and contrast between Flight Attendant and Waitress: As many people tend to think, working entry-level jobs are fundamentally different. Sometimes, entry-level jobs are quite similar, while they can also be significantly different in other aspects.

In her book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, Barbara Ehrenreich explores a range of various entry-level jobs, including being a waitress.

The author describes her job experience as a waitress as Carrie Warren lays bare her experience as a flight attendant while Jessica Seaver describes her experience as a waitress in the book titled Gig. The import of all these real people’s experiences is that all the two jobs have their ups and downs.

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hijacked by terrorists are frequent, and working 30,000 feet above the land is in itself a terrifying experience. On the other hand, waitresses are exposed to fewer risk due to the nature of their job. Response to emergencies and evacuation is much easier and faster on the ground.

However, flight attendants are salaried workers while waitresses earn wages, some of which are often below the minimum wage. Working as a flight attendant, the numerous risks notwithstanding, is more prestigious than working as a waitress.

Therefore, flight attendants are ranked higher in the social ladder compared to waitresses, who are actually often looked down upon as low achievers. In a nutshell, no matter what perspective one assumes, warren’s job as a flight attendant has more advantages than Ehrenreich’s and Seaver’s waitressing jobs.


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