Comparative Ethics

Comparative Ethics

Comparative Ethics

It has been widely accepted that outsourcing is a strategic business decision and an imperative labor tactic. However, many businesses who want to make the move to outsourcing find ethics to be a burning issue. The risks of outsourcing are associated with quality, control and culture. Outsourcing manufacturing work from a local community to a developing country would bring ethical through strengthening relationships and letting the work speak for itself. Through these relationships, it would be easy to demonstrate that indeed outsourcing gives more freedom to companies operating competitively and eventually making them successful.

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In relation to the models, giving freedom to individuals in decision making benefits the society as a whole. However, individuals should be trained to step behind the veil of ignorance when making strategic choices; this is because the choices made could not only affect the individual, but also the society as a whole. Lack of consensus on the imperative things has brought ethical differences in the society. However, upon employment of the leadership models, the leaders would be able to exercise good ethics and morals in their everyday duties. This would enhance a society with suitable ethical standards and morals.

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