Comparative Analysis on two communities

Comparative Analysis on two communities

Comparative Analysis on two communities.

Comparative Analysis on two communities: It is unfortunate that the human species tends to overlook even its own kind when it sets out to achieve prosperity, in relation to the three aspects of life (Wilson 09). This has been proven a time and again by different conflicts around the world.

As if this were not enough, there are some regions in this world which are still at war. The only reason why mankind would turn against their own kind is only in relation with the economic, political and social aspects of life.

In relation to this context, I will do a comparative analysis on two communities that have suffered as a result of these three aspects of life. I will compare and contrast the similarities, and differences between the Native American community, and the Herero and

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here are many similarities and difference between the Native American people, and Herero and Namaqua communities of Namibia. It is also unfortunate that these people are living in deplorable conditions. While the people who disrupted their economic, political and social activities continue to toil in their ancestral lands. Showing no sign of remorse or regret for what they did to them. I feel that these foreigners should make sure that the people they found in these lands are at the very least living an average life economically.

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