Community Crime Prevention Strategies

Community Crime Prevention Strategies

Community Crime Prevention Strategies.

Community Crime Prevention Strategies: This research paper focuses on different crime prevention strategies implemented by members of the communities. The paper focuses mainly on those practices involving the cooperation of community members since they are the beneficiaries of living in a community that does not have criminals.

The research question focuses on the leading practices in the field of community crime prevention .The literature review discusses the main strategies in crime prevention found in the articles and books relating to community crime prevention.

The community crime prevention strategies include neighborhood watch groups, employee watch, use of internet to network community, voluntary residential patrols, youth involvement in homeland security, resident education about law enforcement operations, terrorism awareness and

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it has nonetheless been successful in reducing the crime rates in most communities. This has proved to be one of the easiest ways of community crime prevention since neighbors have now become each others keepers.

Whenever there is a crime situation and suspicion, the security agents are notified. In the contrast where such strategies are not in use. Many crimes are committed, and they go unnoticed since no one is concerned.

Further research should be done to identify the strategies that should be applied. In order to involve the residents in planning and implementing community crime prevention strategies. This will avoid conflict that is occasionally experience when such programs are introduce in communities.


Anthony, M & Peter, H 2013, ’Evaluating crime prevention: Lessons from large –scale community crime    prevention’, Trends and Issues in crime and criminal justice, vol.1, no.458, pp.1-11.

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