Community Assessment and Analysis

Community Assessment and Analysis

Community Assessment and Analysis.

Community Assessment and Analysis; miami Dade County is a community located in the state of Florida. It is among the most populated counties in the US, with a population estimate of about 2,490,000 people.  The country is slowly urbanized, and a large part of the population is indigenous, where people migrate in the county for business and leisure purposes. Most of the people in the county are youths who visit and live in the county to engage in recreation service. Members of the Miami Dade County interact more and have a relationship with the county.

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However, the aged and people who are both mentally and physically disabled are more likely to be ignored. The vulnerable group is taken to be the elderly and disabled members of the Miami Dade County community.
Their welfare is expected to be ignored by a large part of the population as people are more focused on personal lives and time for recreation. The aged members of the Miami Dade County community are likely to be neglected, making them vulnerable to health issues.

Cocozza, J. J., Veysey, B. M., Chapin, D. A., Dembo, R., Walters, W., & Farina, S. (2005). Diversion from the Juvenile Justice System: The Miami-Dade Juvenile Assessment Center Post-Arrest Diversion Program*. Substance use & misuse, 40(7), 935-951.

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