A language matching study can be performed to determine the similarity of style in languages as used in a different context. Language that people usually use varies from one place to another depending on the external environment. However, there exists a definite similarity that may be in sight after the analysis of the manner in which different people communicate.

A language matching study was conducted to validate whether such similarities of styles may exist amongst a group of the population that acted as the sample (Rozakis 2003).

The study was  during the happiest moments of the sample for analysis. At the instance, when people start a conversation there is usually a situation where the two individuals want to understand each other. In order to establish that rapport in communication, they need to set the standard for language to be equal. Style matching technique can indicate whether to people may be together in future since their thoughts may be on the same page (Newsom 2011). The two persons have the anticipation of being together in life. This can be judged by the level of the style matching employed by two partners.

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Language style matching goes a long way in creating that initial understanding amongst the parties involved. The first step is by employing language matching skills so that there is a mutual understanding in the first instance. One partner finds a person to interact with and the same time the two parties complement each other because of the similar nature of the language styles.

Newsom, D., & Haynes, J. (2011). Public relations writing: Form and style. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

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