Communication Strategies

Communication Strategies

Communication Strategies

Nonverbal cues are all possibly informative behaviors, which are not virtuously linguistic in content. Observable nonverbal cues comprise facial expressions, posture, head movements, hand and body movements, self and other-touching, leg movements and positions, directness of interactive orientation, interpersonal gazes, interpersonal distance, and mimicry or synchrony between people. On the other hand, Verbal cues signify the most common mode of communication.

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In news program I watched, the newscaster predominantly used verbal cues when communicating with the audience. However, I could also observe nonverbal cues in his communication through posture and head movements. Listening is the capability to receive and decode messages in the process of communication correctly. Listening is crucial to any effective communication. Communication fails, and message sender can undoubtedly become irritated or frustrated.

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