Communication Plan to Implement the Change

Communication Plan to Implement the Change

Communication Plan to Implement the Change

In all organizations, there are levels of employees. They are categorized into four levels. All levels have different responsibilities. Change involves all the levels, and they have specific roles in change implementation.Organization levels from the lowest are level A (individual instructors), level B (professionals), level C (managers and senior technical professionals) and finally level D (directors). (Daft, 2006, p. 102).

In that case, to prevent the occurrence of change resistance, it is important that all the levels are involved in change implementation. Level A of employees shows their contribution to change in many ways. Participation is essential when a change is implementing these workers ought to show that they are at par with the new state. After an observation of their behaviors, the superiors can tell whether they are in agreement or not.

In addition, the absence of passive, dominant and interdependent behaviors shows Level A employees have played their role in change implementation.

Level B employees, here empowerment of the staffs is what they are offered with. The professionals here need no close supervision in their work. This being the change they act as role models to level A members. Reducing the instances of any defiant forms and showing the essence of the changes in the place of work.

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In order to have a change implementation running, it requires the involvement of all members. In summary, giving them opportunities to air their views on the changes presented to them ease their corporation.

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