Communication Matter:e Folio capstone assignment

Communication Matter e Folio capstone assignment

Communication Matter:e Folio capstone assignment

For the purposes of this communication based assignment, capstone shall be defined as the culminating project graduating students are supposed to undertake to complete the particular course. The capstone assignment usually caters to multi-skill development and assessment for the learners. In addition, various communication based parameters shall be covered in this capstone assignment. How we make use of language, communication in intimate relationships and decision making and leadership in groups shall be explore in phases.

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The strengths of the members should maximize while improving on their weaknesses. Then, the members should hold sessions with their colleagues to share what they feel are their weaknesses which would interfere with the progress of their work. The members of the group could act as the “mirrors” by giving advice to their colleagues on how they feel they can improve on their weaknesses while improving on their weak areas (King and Cowlishaw, 2009).

Floyd, K. (2013). Communication matters. Second edition. New York: McGraw Hill.
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Communication and Integration Biol. 2(2): 147–150.

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