Communication and Leadership

Communication and Leadership

Communication and Leadership.

Communication and Leadership: The aim of this research is to analyze communication style used by leaders and their relationship to being a charismatic, duty- oriented, human – oriented and result of the leadership.

The study was conducted on government organization with a sample number of 725 employees to analyze communication skills applied in leadership such as preciseness, verbal command, begin supportive, certainty, expressiveness and the power of argumentativeness.

According to the findings of the research, human oriented and charismatic leaders are communicative, while on the other side, duty oriented leaders are effective and efficient in communicating.

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There is a strong correlation between leaders’ performance and satisfaction when applying communication style. Using supportive communication style leaders are able to improve their influence to the subordinate members. From the study, assuredness in leaders was related to the high performance and satisfaction in leaders and motivate subordinates commitment in the team work in the work place.

Leaders using certainty communication style give the team as direction and a meaning as they are consistent in their position.  Some element in leadership involves argumentative communication styles that stimulate leaders and give them a vision.

The assessment in subordinate members of staff shows that communication styles play an important role in the workplace. Which is mainly portrayed through human oriented and charismatic leadership. To improve the performance of leaders in an organization, they need to undergo through a training to familiarize with different communication styles of leadership.


De Vries, R. E., Bakker-Pieper, A., & Oostenveld, W. (2010). Leadership = Communication?

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