Comedy and theory essay

Comedy and theory essay

Comedy and theory essay

According to critic Samuel Johnson, people find comedy humorous because of the actions by the characters which are imperfect and ridiculous. Ridiculous actions portray a character as unreasonable while imperfect ones depict a character as defective. There are ways in which the statement applies in the play, What the Butler Saw. Humor is developed through strange actions by the characters.

In the play, Geraldine is a lady who is after the secretarial job that is being offered by Dr. Prentice.  Dr. Prentice was supposed to interview Geraldine but instead, he asks her to undress pretending that he was to conduct a medical examination.

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By going through the critical material of comedies, one is able to look at comedies at a different angle. Apart from concentrating on the words of the characters, a person is. Imperfect and ridiculous actions by the characters in a given play elicit laughter from the audience the same way their words do. Imperfect actions are referred to those that the audience do not expect from the characters. (Corrigan 1965. P.76).

There are many reasons why people laugh whenever they watch a comedy. Actions which are absurd and defective make comedies humorous.

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