Combating Juvenile Delinquents

Combating Juvenile Delinquents

Combating Juvenile Delinquents.

Combating Juvenile Delinquents: In the United States of America, an individual who commit crime and is of the age of below 18 years is considered as a juvenile. The terminology “delinquent” is used to refer to a juvenile who commits an offence that would be labeled as criminal, if it was a person of above this age who had committed it

. (Ojeda, 2002). A juvenile can commit lots of criminal activities earning him/her the title of a delinquent. They may include; drug offenses, crimes against property, crimes against the public order and crimes against other persons in the society.

As a result, the United States governments, both state and federal, have been trying to combat juvenile delinquency in the society through different programs. There are programs of different nature in handling delinquents in the society.

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popularizing the Head Start as well as the home visitation programs. This is because;  so far these are the only programs that we can say bring tangible results. I would also ask these visitation programs to be introduced in schools, churches and even in sporting activities where many teenagers gather.

I would also suggest the governments, both federal and state, introduces the same kind of programs in the United States schools’ curriculum. If this were to happen, then the teenagers would realize just how serious the matter is, and maybe assist in advocating for the same.


Greenwood, P. W. (2006). Changing lives: Delinquency prevention as crime-control policy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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