Columbia Southern University and Bullying

Columbia Southern University and Bullying

Columbia Southern University and Bullying.

Columbia Southern University and Bullying: In a conversation with a male student, Armstrong thought she was being “helpful” and “supportive” when she “nodded vigorously” and punctuated his words with “yes.”

The male thought she was “rude” and “intrusive.” Concerned at the failure of the conversation, Armstrong read Deborah Tanner’s You Just Don’t Understand, which helped Armstrong understand the ways men and women interrupt each other.

Men see interruptions as “conversational bullying”. Women see them as “cooperative overlapping”. What Armstrong thought was support and involvement the male student saw as manipulation.

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In her review of Crawford’s book, Gergen suggests that the “differences between the ways men and women talk suggest that we might as well have come from different planets.”

Today, some view it as necessary to take a quick course in conversational
translations. Gergen says Crawford made in-depth inquiries into issues of how conversation affects relations, power, and discrimination.

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