Colonialism and post-colonialism in Africa

Colonialism and post colonialism in Africa

Colonialism and post-colonialism in Africa

Colonialism is the acquisition, exploitation, maintenance and expansion of a colony in one territory by political powers from another territory. Between the 1800 and the 1900, Africa faced European diplomatic pleasures, military invasions and eventually conquest for colonization. At the beginning, African societies set up forms of resistance against the attempt to colonize them.

At the dawn of 20th century, much of African countries except Ethiopia and Liberia has been colonized by the European powers. Their imperialism to colonize African countries was motivate by economic, social and political factors. Today, nearly all African countries use the language inherited from the waves of colonization in both government and media. The paper discusses the meaning of colonization, post-colonization and its effects on Africa.

Colonialism developed in the 19th century after the profitability of slave trade collapsed. Slave trade was later abolish and suppress following the European capitalist in the industrial revolution. “The European found the need for capital industrialization including the demand for assured sources of raw materials and profitable investment outlets hence this spurred the scramble and partition of African countries.”  (Settles 3-4). Therefore, the primary reason for the European invasion for Africa was economic.

Post-Colonization of Africa

Post-colonialism is the critical destabilization of theories that support the western thought the rule of law, deductive reasoning and monotheism by means which the colonialists perceive.

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In conclusion, Uganda was colonized by British and has benefited from educational investment as compared by Senegal, which was a France colony and Ethiopia which was not colonized. However, many colonies suffered from extreme rates of poverty, wars resulting from ethnicity, lack of mineral resources and low economic downturns.

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