College Application Essay I am Bi-racial

College Application Essay I am Bi-racial

College Application Essay I am Bi-racial.

College Application Essay I am Bi-racial: Its on a Monday, I don’t feel like moving a single inch either forward or backward. My whole body is shaking, am not really sure if anyone notices, but that is exactly what I feel.

I surely shouldn’t be feeling this way…my thoughts are suddenly interrupted by an announcement made by the proctor, instructing everyone to fill racial identities in part four of the SATs.

The fact that I cannot be placed squarely in a particular race, has haunted and tormented me for the better part of my teenage years ever since my childhood and especially in front of my teenage friends. Although any stranger would term me as a Caucasian, most are surprised when they learn that I am half black.

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of an individual by looking at her physical appearance. Therefore it is the same way you can’t know the race of a person by looking at physical appearances.

It is actually through various ways that the general society comes up with presumptions. Through physical appearance of person’s inner characters. Such ways include racial questions on census material, SATS questionnaires and many other devices. Most people tend to take the easier ways hence run into conclusions without further observations.

It is certainly very easy to look at people make your ideas and end up putting people in different categories which they don’t actually belong. The factual of the matter remains; you will never know the race of a person by simply looking at him/her.

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