College and Part Time Jobs

College and Part Time Jobs

College and Part Time Jobs

College and Part Time Jobs:Most of the parents and guardians have a concern about the performance of their students when they are working. This has therefore, raised an argument as to whether college student should work or not. It is true that working can affect the school performances for the student because in most cases he/she has to miss classes and essential class experiments.

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Weighing between the advantages and disadvantages of working as a college student, I believe it is better for the students to be working. The most important thing is to utilize their time wisely and balance between the hours used in working and those used for studies.

However, if the student works for more hours, he/she may lack sufficient time to devote to studies. Again, when the workstation is away from the college, a student faces numerous challenges. I believe that it is more advantageous for college students to work part time than failing to work. The most important thing is to balance between working time and study time.

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