Cold War

Cold War

Cold War

Cold War (Bipolar): A bipolar world is where two states have dominance on power, resulting into confrontation between the nations. During the cold the Cold War Bipolar, new defensive alliances were formed with NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Therefore, the world was separated into two camps, where a country supported either of the two by making alliances.

For example, China turned to support the Soviet Union. This impacted on the international relations of developing nations, as the United States and the Soviet Union courted and pressurized them (developing nations) so as to support them.

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Nationalism refers the sense of belonging of an individual in a particular nation and both a language as well as symbolism of a country.3 Nationality is part of six elements that create a nation, the others being language, culture, territory, religion, as well as history. This type of belief exists in a society that has a common ethnic ancestry. Culture is a major determinant that defines nationalism.

For instance, in the U.S. nearly every person adopts the American manner of clothing, as well as take almost the same type of foods. There is as well no single religion that exists in the U.S. The liberty of religion is among the key selling points of the U.S. Nationalism can result in both positive and negative effects, depending on how leaders of a particular society makes use of it.

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