Cognitive psychology, creativity

Cognitive psychology, creativity

Cognitive psychology, creativity

Cognitive psychology, creativity:This paper seeks to discuss cognitive component of creativity and the way cognitive mechanism relate to different components of idea generation techniques. In addition, research that align to queries tested in simple test center tasks with inquiries posed in realistic idea generation settings. Creativity is a concept that create differences among humans to explain the reason some people have a higher potential to offer a new solution to the problem compared to others. Creativity makes humans change their way of thinking and a force that moves civilization forward. There are ways assessing creativity at different conceptual levels with one of the general distinction to be carried out is the one between creative potential as opposed to creative accomplishment. Creative potential refer to the individual capability to generate something useful and novel for the purpose of reflecting a normally distributed trait.

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Innovation and creativity are critical aspects with different applies the domain of endeavors such as business, engineering, science and arts. It is important to encourage class suggestions and questions to foster creativity among students. In the effort of promoting creativity among students, it is crucial to encourage learning and teaching to allow the student make suggestions freely. School need to foster creativity by improving communication by encouraging feedbacks of new ideas to students, encourage brainstorming in classroom and integrate new market ideas to schools. There are several ways of promoting creativity in the workplace including reward creativity. When an employer wants workers to become creative, they need to motivate them with some form of rewards.

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