Coca Cola ethical issues

Coca Cola ethical issues

Coca Cola ethical issues.

Coca Cola ethical issues: Among the various assets of organizations, corporate reputation emerges as the most important. Although intangible, research indicates that corporate reputation increases a company’s worth and ensures sustainable competitive advantage.

It is easier for a business with a good reputation to achieve its objectives among its stakeholders such as consumers, suppliers, opinion leaders, business community, and employees. A good reputation earns the trust of consumers, who are the most significant stakeholders in any business.

Suppliers may also trust a company whose reputation is worthwhile, and in case a problem occurs, they are more inclined to give a benefit of doubt. In addition, employees are also more willing to sign up with a company whose reputation stands out.

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Its environmental initiatives in India are just window dressing. The reason why the company decided to set up environmental sustainability measures in India is because of the allegations that affected the market of Coca Cola products immensely. When its efforts to deny the charges fell on deaf ears, this is when the company decided to come up with environmental measures (Benson, n.d).

The whole idea in this case was to solve the inherent dispute so as to boost up its sales, and not because it was concerned about the environment. This can be regarded as practicing social responsibility as a strategy for winning the trust of consumers with the intent of increasing sales.


Benson, D. (n.d). CASE II. The Coca Cola Company Struggles with Ethical Crises.

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