coaching cycle process and the skills a change agent needs to be successful in leading others.

Most bosses sit their workers down once per year for an audit. Around then, the representative discovers what they’ve been doing well or if there do territories need change. However, what happens the other 364 days of the year. Coaching is an alternate way to deal with building up representatives’ potential. With instructions, one gives the staff the chance to develop and accomplish set goals and objectives through directing and coaching. Instead of depending exclusively on an audit plan, one can bolster representatives along the way to meeting their objectives (Voelpel et al. 2004).

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The second sort is a change agent that thinks learning and a common understanding with the partners in advancement choices and other vital issues is critical. The following are the main characteristics of a change agent:
• Good analytical prowess
• Good listeners
• Good mediation tactics
• An individual with good listening skills
• A wise and understanding person

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