Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the entire process of networking larger remote groups of servers destined at enabling centralization of data and accessibility of online computer services and resources in general.

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.The history of cloud computing dates back to the 1950s when people could use the large-scale mainframe computers in accessing the online services and resources, which could help in generation of more and new ideologies. And because of higher costs, people improvised another version of time sharing whereby many users could surf from one mainframe computer (Erl et al, 2013).

Cons of cloud computing
 Vulnerable to hackers because of the information stored in the cloud.
 Organization security is an issue because once the company allows the cloud service provider to work with it then it has to reveal the all its information to the third party (Cloud service provider) thus insecurity issues (Buyya et al, 2013).

Erl, T., Puttini, R., & Mahmood, Z. (2013). Cloud computing: Concepts, technology, & architecture

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