Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a compelling paradigm for delivering and managing services over the internet. Although it might be hard to define it, one simple of the term is virtualized third-party hosting. In simple terms, instead of renting the entire or actual physical server, one rents a certain proportion of server resources.

The client’s server runs within a virtual container that may be moved from a physical server to another without service interruption. It has changed the entire landscape of Information Technology, and it is finally actualizing the long-standing promise of utility computing.

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As has been in the paper, it sought to extenuate the Cloud Computing paradigm. Cloud computing is one of the rapidest growing phenomenon in the field of Information Technology. Cloud computing has not only revolutionized IT, but also created new business models, jobs, and created new skills and talent. However, Cloud Computing is yet to be fully accepted by customers due to speculations over security concerns.

Security still ranks as the number one challenge to the acceptance of cloud computing. Therefore, the future of cloud computing predicts more and more efforts towards security integration. Meanwhile, stringent regulatory measures are used to control how private and confidential information is disseminated into the cloud to prevent infringement and data theft.


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