Climate change

Climate change

Climate change

Climate change is one of the raising issues in the modern world. Global warming is an imperative cause of climate change. The world’s temperature is increasing gradually due to the melting ice of arctic areas causing a rise in the sea level. Though the temperature is increasing correspondingly all over the world, all the countries in the world are not similarly affected by this global warming.

Usually islands, coastal areas and lower lands are more affected by this sea level rise. The areas are flooded gravely each year due to this sea level rise. Global warming not only affect the environmental life but also affects the infrastructural basis and political economic.

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Bangladesh is one of vulnerable areas because of the rising sea level. This is chiefly because it is a costal and lower land and, therefore, lives and properties are at an unadorned risk. South Talpatti Island is one of the islands of Bangladesh that has already sunk as a result of sea level rise.

NGOs role is very significant for Bangladesh and they play vital roles in many ways. They can provide information and knowledge through research which is indispensable for making strategy NGOs . INGOs  can provide logistical backing to the Bangladesh government .provide logistical backing to the Bangladesh government.

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