Classical Greece, Greek naval battles of Persian Wars

Classical Greece, Greek naval battles of Persian Wars

Classical Greece, Greek naval battles of Persian Wars.

Classical Greece, Greek naval battles of Persian Wars: At an important point during the Persian wars, the Greeks were successful at the Battle in Salamis. These were historical naval battles which took place as part of Greco-Persian wars.

They were fought between 500 BC and 448 BC. The battles have two subcategories which include: Battle of Artemisium and Battle of Salamis. Artemisium was a sequence of naval engagements which occurred over three days during the subsequent Persian invasion of Greece.

The battle occurred simultaneously with the famous land battle which took place at Thermopylae in September 480 BC, at coast of Euboea and engaged between alliance of Greek city states which included Athens, Sparta, Corinth as well as many others including the Persian Empire

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The Persian war was noteworthy not only for the ferocious battles that showcased superiority of the methods of Greek military, but also due to the striking personalities who took part, the democratic characteristic of the military which took part and the ability of factitious Greeks to avert the strong divisions and unite for a single cause. The war is popular, not just due to its striking military engagements as well as historical significance but for the huge human drama which played out behind the scenes.

The Greeks prevailed. A few Persians that survived fled. But the threat of Persians coming back was still expected. In preparation the Greeks established the Delian League. This was a treasury which could allow them to prepare for war quickly if there was any need.

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