Civil Rights Movements

Civil Rights Movements

Civil Rights Movements

African American started to protest for their rights and protested against racial discrimination which was prevalent in the US society. The civil right motion gained momentum after World War II ended. Their purpose was to serve the white American and work in farms as laborers and as slaves.  They were not allowed to vote to deny them the rights to choose the political leader. However, after the war was over, they were forced to go back to the farms and continue with their role as laborers for the white man.

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After the end of World War II, there was the emergence of the cold war.Du Bois became the leader of African American. However, the effort to eliminate segregation was overcome by the White Americans who continued to discriminate African Americans .During the Great Depression in the US, he advocated the use of a socialist approach to solve economic problems in the country. He was right to support equal civil and political rights . It was unfair and unjustified for the government of the US to advocate segregation of its citizens by racial background .

Finkelman, P. (2009). Encyclopedia of African American history, 1896 to the present: From the age of segregation to the twenty-first century. New York: Oxford University Press.

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