Civil rights movement

Civil rights movement

Civil rights movement

The African American population is a significant descendant of slaves that were brought from Africa and made to work for whites in their lands. The white people owned the slaves and made them work in their plantation by invoking harsh and inhumane treatment. However, slavery was abolished in 1865 but, nonetheless, attracted the upcoming of discrimination and segregation all known as Jim Crow Laws.

Firstly, the African American people with the representation by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) employed legal tactics to fight against discrimination. The lawsuits aimed at fighting against discrimination of black people in gaining education, in the transport, hospitality and hospital industries where the blacks were restricted.

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Nevertheless, they altered the arrangement of elections to limit the effects of the high numbers of black people who voted through vote dissolution scheme. Also, they were sabotaged economically. It followed black people being discriminated while searching for work where white people were given the priority that them. In instances, when they were employed, it was in inferior positions or manual labor.

Such actions led to poverty and suffering of the black people as they could not afford basic needs. Those who tried to venture into businesses experienced hurdles from failure to get licenses and frequent harassment from city officials. They further faced challenges in securing bank loans as numerous white people run banks denied their requests.

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