Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement refers to the struggle by African Americans during the mid-1950s and late 1960s. This was in a quest to achieve Civil Rights equivalent to those of their white counterparts. They included; equal access to public facilities, education, freedom from racial discrimination, housing, voting rights, and employment opportunities. However, we need to understand that the Civil Rights movement did not start in the indicated time above as it has roots to the misfortunes that befell the African Americans right after they were set free.

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. The black Americans also found themselves being murdered by the whites for no apparent reasons, and the American judicial systems failed to accord them the protection that their white counterparts enjoyed. As a result, this led to uprising movements that sought for the African Americans equal rights with their fellow white Americans. This was due to the deplorable living conditions that this community had been subjected to.

Taylor, Quintard. 1994. The forging of a black community: Seattle’s Central District, from 1870.

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