City states and Types of Government

City states and Types of Government

City states and Types of Government

City-states are sovereign states consisting of cities and their dependent territories. Historically, this incorporated famous cities such as Athens, Rome, Carthage and the famous Italian city states during the rebirth or the Renaissance. Sumerian cities of Ur and Uruk are the oldest city-states and also the Egyptian city-states such as Memphis and Thebes. There was also the ancient Greece that had city states such as Thebes, Athens, and Corinth. The central Asian cities that were located along the Silk Road such as Ragusa and Venice.

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Regardless of their ancient backgrounds, they have grown to adapt to the new world with ancient forms of governance such as dynasty being replaced by new forms of government. Their governments are central, that is, power or authority originates one source. Even though there is still the aspect of being autonomous, modern city-states have continued to merge with the new of the world through the economy and diplomatic activities.

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