City Report- Hong Kong and Tokyo

City Report- Hong Kong and Tokyo

City Report- Hong Kong and Tokyo

Every city across the globe has its own characteristics and features that make it distinct from any other city. The characteristic distinctions may be realized in terms of city demographics, city administration structures, geographical locales, infrastructure and public facility configuration, and economic systems, among other city aspects and factors. Employing data collection and high-level thinking skills, research is carried out to compare and contrast two Asian megacities. In particular, this city report presents the differences and similarities between Hong Kong and Tokyo with respect to cultural orientations, economics configurations, environmental issues, population demographics, and religion as well as socio-political culture.

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Categorically, Hong Kong and Tokyo differ in almost every city aspect, from geographical locations and settings, and population profiles, through economic, social-political and cultural structures, to environmental concerns and religion. Hong Kong is bestowed with other natural features and artificial constructs that make it differ uniquely from Tokyo. Specifically, Hong Kong and Tokyo differ in architectural edifices, aircraft and railway networks, numerical status of educational institutions, and neighborhoods, and other aspects. All the same, some few similarities exist between the two megacities, including cultural and environmental as well as religious similarities.

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