Christianity and Slavery

Christianity and Slavery

Christianity and Slavery

Christianity and Slavery:Frederick Douglass wrote the (“Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”). During that time, slavery was at its peak. Slaves were continuously mistreated by their slave owners. Women were raped by the slave owners who wanted to increase the population of their slaves. But apart from the main theme of slavery, the narrative by Douglass concentrates on Christianity. The relationship that existed between the slave and the slave owners as far as Christianity was concerned. Throughout the narrative, the aspect of Christianity is mentioned in almost all chapters. Christianity is associated with brotherhood and care for one another. But in the narrative by Douglass, who was born into slavery, Christianity is depicted as a form of hypocrisy that existed among the slave owners as they persistently subjected the slaves to numerous mistreatment. (“owning of slaves and introducing them to Christianity conflicted with the faith that the slave owners confessed to holding”).

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They raped women slaves for a long time. Some slaves were killed for their failure to follow orders. Children were separated from their mothers in their early ages because the slave owners wanted to eliminate all relationships would have resulted to rebellions. The number of Mulattos continued to rise which then t hen translated to an increase in a number of slaves. There were holidays that were meant to create a perception of freedom, but their main purpose was to make the slaves more submissive. Some of the slave owners whipped the slaves while quoting words from the scriptures. All those activities were conducted by slave masters who claimed to be guided by the principles of Christianity. But through their activities, it is clear that they were hypocrites.

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